Schedule Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance

Our state-of-the-art facilities are home to one of the largest Heavy-Duty truck centers in the area. Our Perrysburg Auto Mall technicians have been ASA certified to work on your specific model of truck. This means no matter what issue, they have the insider knowledge to make sure the problems are thoroughly addressed without any shortcuts.

With our detailed training, we have an in-depth knowledge of every truck we serve from top to bottom. We will keep your truck running at peak performance or get it back to that performance if an accident has happened. A proper maintenance schedule is crucial for any Heavy Duty Truck.

Perrysburg Auto Mall has a top-of-the-line Service Center, fully equipped with all the diagnostic systems, equipment, and tools to handle any situation. All of these systems and tools are specifically and directly tailored to your vehicle, ensuring you are getting exactly the care your heavy-duty truck needs. We specialize in preventative maintenance, detailed mileage reports and check-ups, as well as individualized multi-point inspections given the current state of your truck. This is far more than a simple oil change or fluid top-off. We are keeping your heavy duty truck at peak performance.