Diesel Repair

At Perrysburg Auto Mall, we understand your diesel vehicle is working hard every day to push, pull, and carry heavy loads. Since your diesel engine plays such a significant role in your vehicle, you must take the time for proper care and maintenance. By scheduling routine maintenance, you can ensure your diesel engine is working effectively and efficiently. So, for optimal diesel performance, we offer you a full line of diesel engine services you may not find anywhere else including:

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters should be replaced by a professional diesel technician, approximately every 10-15K miles. Typically newer diesel engines will have two fuel filters – a primary and a secondary. In this case, both fuel filters should be replaced at the same time and can be done so around 15K miles.

Air Filters

Over time, your vehicle’s air filter can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris that negatively impact the performance of your diesel engine. If you do not have your air filter replaced, the build-up can lead to significant damage to your engine. Your air filter should be inspected and replaced by a professional diesel technician during routine maintenance. Depending on the climate and environment you are living in, the air filter may need to be changed more frequently. 

Oil Changes

For most diesel vehicles, we recommend having your oil changed every 5-7.5K miles. The frequency depends on how your diesel vehicle is being used. If your diesel engine is constantly towing heavy loads, you may need to change your oil more frequently. When in doubt, always consult with a professional diesel technician to determine how often to change the oil.

Keeping the Engine Clean

For top of the line performance and to keep it running for many years, it is essential to keep your engine clean. This includes ensuring your diesel engine has clean fuel, oil, and air. Over time, dirt, dust, and debris can build up within your diesel engine compromising the overall performance. By scheduling routine maintenance, our professional diesel technicians can ensure your diesel engine and all its components are clean.

Diesel Engine Troubleshooting

Because diesel engines are noisy in general, diagnosing diesel engine problems can be hard to do if you are only listening in on the engine. Sometimes, the problem isn’t as simple as replacing the air filter or having a routine oil change. At Perrysburg Auto Mall, our trained and experienced diesel technicians use advanced equipment and processes to detect, diagnose, and treat the problem.  Keeping all diesel engine components—glow plugs, fuel injectors, and turbochargers—in proper working order will improve the life of your diesel engine.

As mentioned, diesel engines are quite reliable, but they do require special care and maintenance. Every diesel engine manufacturer requires different preventive maintenance procedures, so always refer to your owner’s manual to properly plan and schedule routine maintenance. If you’re searching for optimal diesel repair in Perrysburg and the surrounding communities, call Perrysburg Auto Mall at 419-874-4331 or schedule maintenance online.

Diesel Engine FAQs

How often does a diesel engine need an oil change?

A complete oil change should be done every 5-7.5K miles on your diesel engine. Depending on how your diesel vehicle is used may prompt more frequent oil changes. Consult with your diesel professional to understand the frequency to fit your needs.

How often do diesel cars need servicing?

We recommend scheduling maintenance once a year. This helps ensure your diesel engine is operating properly and you can have any necessary filter or oil changes done at that time as well.

Do you have to care for a diesel engine differently than a gasoline engine?

No. While diesel engines may require more frequent oil and filter changes, for the most part, diesel engine cars follow the same maintenance schedule as gasoline engines.